Pecan-Banana Pancakes

Breakfast on Saturday morning for six people was a toss up between bacon and eggs and my Pecan-banana Pancakes – everyone decided the pancakes sounded interesting, so I was delegated to cook.

I came up with a sticky banana treat a while back and have used it for all sorts of things – to top flapjacks, fill pancakes, with ice-cream or just a quick sweet fix after supper. My favourite, though, is pancakes with double thick cream, and that’s what we had for breakfast, how wicked!

Here’s how to make these little bits of deliciousness for yourself – and it’s so easy, people! 

Pecan-Banana Pancakes

 A dollop of butter for frying

1 banana per person, plus one or 2 extra for the pan (they shrink)

Pecan nut halves


Maple flavoured golden syrup

A stack of pancakes (I bought a pack from Woollies, feel free to make your own!)

Double thick cream 

  • Slice the bananas however you wish, I like to leave mine fairly chunky, but find it’s best to split them lengthwise, then cut in half across.
  • Break the pecan nuts into smallish chunks.
  • Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the bananas when it’s sizzling.
  • Cook the bananas until nice and mushy and slightly browned (oh, yum, yum), then add the pecans and give them a good fry.
  • Give a generous shake of cinnamon – I like to really taste it properly.
  • Then add a good squeeze of maple syrup. Make it as sweet as you’d like.
  • When it’s nicely blended, sweetly fragrant and wonderfully mushy, spoon into your preheated pancakes (add some cream on the bananas, if you wish) and fold them over.
  • Serve topped with a dollop of cream.



 If you are like I was, and just throw caution to the wind and eat a couple of these,  don’t blame me for the extra kgs this may bring you!!!

 Oh, and if you’re avoiding wheat – this is delicious just on it’s own too.


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