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Tune In!

Boy, do I have news, people!! 

I am wildly excited to tell you all that Fired Up Cooking SA will be featured on Radio Sonder Grense at 9:00 am tomorrow morning.

Nina Timm, who writes an amazing food blog at My Easy Cooking, has been doing a cookery slot on RSG for quite a while now, and she often features a food blogger.  This week she will be featuring my Amarula Malva Pudding recipe, so if you have access to a radio tomorrow morning, do please tune in and listen to her show – which will be in Afrikaans (I have my Afrikaans distionary out and am brushing up on Die Taal like a mad woman).

For those of you without access to SA radio, you can check the post out at www.rsg.co.za

If you are not familiar with Nina’s blog, please do go visit – Nina is a food blogger whose cooking talent is only surpassed by her exquisite food photography.  She takes blogging, cooking and food photography to new, very professional levels, whilst cooking food which is good, wholesome, real (not arty or impossible to achieve by real people!) and delicious.

I am so excited I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight 😀