Braaied Cake Slices with Hot Berries

Coming up with a dessert to follow a wonderful meal cooked over a fire while camping can be tricky – the usual for us is a tin of peaches with a box of custard or just a bar of chocolate!

Here’s a dessert which is fun to make and also uses some ready-to-eat ingredients – it couldn’t be easier than this!!

Braaied Cake Slices with Hot Berries

1 packet of frozen mixed berries

sugar to taste

  • Place a cast iron pan or pot on the grid over hot coals
  • Empty the packet of frozen berries into the pan
  • Add a little sugar to taste, and a tiny bit of water, if it seems like its catching
  • Allow to simmer for a few minutes until soft and syrupy
  • Serve spooned over the toasted cake slices

1 shop-made madeira loaf cake, or vanilla sponge

  • Cut the cake into thick slices, to make it easier to grip with tongs
  • Place the slices on the grid over hot coals and toast until crisp and slightly browned

  • Arrange on serving plates, spoon over some hot berries

The fire gives the cake a lovely smokiness, and the slightly crisp toasted cake is just gorgeous with the tart berries.  It was delicious – hope you’ll try it soon! 



7 responses to “Braaied Cake Slices with Hot Berries

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  2. Wow, this sounds excellent!! I will make this on our next camping trip!! Everyone will be impressed!!


  3. Dirk & Gwynneth

    Mmm, sounds delicious!


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