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Mushy Veggies – Easy Braai Food

For maximum ease and to make sure that happy campers get their quota of veggies, I often make Mushy Veggies, a marvellously easy one dish meal accompaniment, which is really tasty.   Here’s how:

In a pot that can go on the fire, place roughly sliced onions, whole peeled garlic cloves, chopped peeled potatoes, chopped carrots, sliced beans, broccoli and cauliflower florets, chopped butternut or pumpkin, baby marrows………any combination of veggies is good, doesn’t have to be as much as this, and it doesn’t have to be neatly chopped either, always a good thing if you’re camping.

Cover the veggies with water, and boil gently until all the water is absorbed, and the veggies are soft.  Add some butter (be generous – oh, okay, add a LOT, it really makes it!), some salt and lots of freshly ground pepper.  Stir together very well, mashing the veggies as you stir.  And that’s it!  I ask you, people, what could be easier!! 

This is delicious served with a fire-cooked stew, or lamb shanks,  or just like this, with thin boerewors and lamb chops!