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Chicken, Peach and Pecan Nut Salad

Another HOT day in Pmb – just 5 or 6 more weeks to go!!  We’ll make it, people!!! We always do. 

I cooked a hot meal last night (pork chops, rice, pumpkin, aubergine – very hot work), so had a rebellion tonight.  Had to stop & pick up some fruit and veg on the way home, and on impulse, (with all the gorgeous salads on the blog pages going through my mind), bought a rotisserie chicken, some lovely bitter greens, and other salad goodies. So here’s how it came together…………..

Summer Chicken Salad


Shred the chicken into bite size pieces (I used about half, the other half went into lunch boxes for tomorrow – one less thing to worry about). Cover a large platter with a layer of beautiful crisp salad leaves – mixed lettuces, rocket, baby spinach, all delicious!   Arrange a pile of still warm chicken in the middle.  Around the outside, layer thinly sliced green pepper strips, halved cherry tomatoes, thin discs of cucumber, quartered baby radishes, cubed cheese (I had some mozarella – worked well!), seedless green grapes and pecan nuts.  Snip some garlic chives (fresh from my garden) over the salad, and layer some thin slivers of yellow peach on top.  Serve with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and freshly ground salt and pepper.

It was the perfect meal for a hot evening, clean and fresh, washed down with a glass of chilled white plonk.

Don’t you love the abundance of fresh veg and fruit at this time of year?  And salads are just so easy……..