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Braai Dessert: Easy Chocolate Fondue

I see we are in for another weekend of bitterly cold weather here in KZN, with more snow being possible.  I am so ready for summer now, can’t wait for hot weather.  I promise not to complain in January, when the temperature is 45˚C!!!!

Had hoped to braai tonight, it’s just been too cold lately and I am getting withdrawals, I feel the need to make a big fire and cook some food over it!!  I think a whole chicken, pot-roasted in beer over flames would be a very tasty supper, and the fire would keep us warm too.

I’ve been cooking several chicken dishes on the braai lately:  for the August issue of Caravan and Outdoor Life, I made Chicken Cacciatore and Coq au Vin over a camp-fire.  I rush to get each issue when it comes out – I love seeing what they have done with my cookery articles and photos!!  The layout guy is so talented.

I cook one or two savoury dishes and a sweet dish for each issue of the magazine, and the sweet part of the meal for this issue was a chocolate fondue.  That’s right, we put together a chocolate fondue last time we camped.  It was so easy and delicious, and such fun – do try this for dessert next time you braai.

Camp-fire Chocolate Fondue


 200 gr bar of milk chocolate

½ cup of  cream

  • Place a small cast iron pot over hot coals – no flames, you want a gentle steady heat,  and pour in the cream
  • Allow the cream to almost come to the boil – small bubbles will appear around the edges
  • Add the chocolate a chunk at a time, stirring well with a wooden spoon to blend the melting chocolate into the cream
  • As each piece melts completely, add the next piece


  • Keep stirring until all the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth and glossy
  • Serve with dipping goodies

What to dip:  start with the obvious – strawberries, bananas and marshmallows are all delicious.  So are chunks of fresh pineapple, or dried mangoes.  Mini biscuits went down a treat, and someone in our crowd wanted jelly babies (and that’s an acquired taste, I feel, not too sure about chocolate covered jelly babies).  Let your imagination run free, and try other goodies, anything you fancy which you feel would be good coated in hot chocolate!

Right – I think we will definitely be making a fire tonight!!  We’ll huddle up in blankets, drink sherry and hot soup, and cook some food over a fire, and I’ll pretend I’m camping this weekend.

Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone! (you did remember to take Monday off, right???)