Camembert with Figs Baked over coals

I have been wanting to tried a braaied camembert, cooked in tinfoil over the coals, and so I bought one at Woollies, along with – oh joy of joys – some black figs.  Can’t remember when last I saw any of those, never mind ate one! 

The camembert was wrapped in tinfoil, along with all these other goodies, and cooked over the fire, and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. 

I put 2 sliced figs in with the cheese (and ate the rest of them, yum),  then some thyme on top of the figs, and a good drizzle of honey, wrapped it all up, and AP cooked it for a few minutes on the fire, til it was a gorgeous gooey mess.

I decided to bake a fresh bread on the fire to eat with the camembert, and had a yeast bread recipe in mind but I sprained my finger the evening before that and didn’t feel up to kneading bread (good excuse, huh??), so NJ said ‘make a beer bread’. 

Now I’m sure you all have a beer bread recipe, but if not……here’s mine.  I have had this recipe nearly 30 years, got it from a Californian friend:

Beer Bread

 3 cups of self-raising flour

340 ml bottle of beer, room temperature

3 tbsps sugar

a little salt

Stir all the ingredients together very well, spoon into a greased loaf tin.  Now you can bake it at 180 deg C until done, or you can bake it on the fire, like we did – we have a cute little cast iron bread tin, which bakes a small loaf very well on the fire; AP bakes the bread on the grid over a bed of coals, placing a few coals on the lid and changing them when they start to cool. 


 It takes about an hour to bake.  This went down a treat with the camembert cheese!


AP is still complaining that there was too little camembert, so I guess I will have to make it again soon.


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