Brandied Oranges

I’ve become a ‘submarine blogger’. Popping up every now and then.

I read once that the average ‘life span’ of a blogger is 2 1/2 years…guess I’m right on target for fading out then.  It’s been 6 weeks since I last posted, and I’ve been doing some serious thinking about my blog and whether I wanted to continue.

I started blogging because I was stuck in a dead-end job without enough work to keep me occupied each day, but with a permanent internet connection. Blogging led to all sorts of amazing experiences, not least of which was getting published – a highlight in my life.  

I started a food-blog because I was busy re-typing my cook-book ( a collection of tried and tested family favourites gathered over 30 years), but I got side-tracked.  I think it’s time to get back to my cook-book (with a whole new chapter on camp-fire cookery), and everything I’ve learnt in the last 2 1/2 years will be put to good use in writing this book. It will never be published, but I may have some copies printed for the women in my family.

My job has changed in the last six months, the workload was frightening for a while, but the good news is I finally have some assistance, and so should have some energy left over for me from now on!

As for the blogging – my head still churns with blog-posts, I still plan photo shoots for plates of food, and since we have a newly empty nest, I am re-discovering my love of cooking (no more back-up cook, aka my daughter; only me to produce food every night, and a new challenge – cooking for two).  So I guess I’m not over blogging yet, I just needed some time to hit ‘refresh’.

As you’ve gathered, I didn’t make it to the Ultimate Braai Master audition (maybe next time?).    I’m so looking forward to the TV show – I think it will prove my point that anything can be cooked on a fire, and that South Africans are the kings of the cooking fire!

So to celebrate my return to blogging, here’s a really easy braaied pudding for you to try this weekend, weather permitting, which it does here in sunny KZN!

Brandied Oranges on Braaied Cake Slices

2 oranges

60 mls castor sugar

100 mls water

30 mls brandy

1 bought Madeira loaf cake, sliced into thick slices

  • Peel the oranges with a sharp knife, cutting away all the white pith.  Work over a bowl to catch all the juice.
  • Cut down beside each segment’s membrane to release the segment, and drop into the same dish.  Once you’ve removed the segments, squeeze out all the remaining juice. Set aside.
  • In a small cast iron pot, heat the water and sugar over a small fire, stirring until the sugar has dissolved.  Add the orange juice, and heat until its boiling, then allow the sauce to cook until the liquid has reduced and is slightly syrupy.  The length of time it takes to do this will depend on your fire, but you want to reduce the sauce to at least half, if not more. 
  • Remove from the fire, and add the brandy.
  • Pour over the orange segments, and set aside while you braai the cake slices. 
  • Braai the cake on a clean grid until toasted – turn with a pair of tongs, and be careful – they burn easily.
  • Arrange the cake slices on a plate, spoon over the oranges, and plenty of syrup, allowing the brandy orange sauce to soak into smoky toasted cake.
  • Serve with cream or custard, if you wish, it’s good just like that too (enough for 2-3 people).

Juicy, boozy orange segments on top of  warm, smoky cake slices has to be tasted to be believed – this is a really delicious pudding.  And so easy, too! 



19 responses to “Brandied Oranges

  1. I am also becoming a bit of a submarine blogger – have only been blogging for about a year now – it does take time and effort. Have always enjoyed your posts and you have a fan base. Its fantastic that your camp site cooking has taken off so well – I never imagined that camp site food could be so interesting ( not being a camper myself). Pity that u could not make it for the auditions – maybe next time. ( Fame and fortune awaits). A copy of your cookbook will be well worth having in any kitchen. Empty nests take a lot of getting used to!!!!.


  2. I think I started blogging in 2010 but it seems like only yesterday. Admittedly since my move have battled to do my once a week blog!!


  3. Great recipe dear Zabs. I’ve missed hearing from you 🙂


  4. I think all of us needs a break form blogging every now and again. I have been blogging for three years in April, but I took a break for about 2 months over December-January. I started blogging because family and friends always asked for my recipes and after I have seen BrownieGirl, Nina and some other beautiful blogs on Food24. Nowadays everyone seems to be making money with their blogs, which I have never done!… and it is realy a bit demoralizing!… but I still enjoy it as a hobby and I am doing it when I have time and when I feel like doing it!!

    I hope you will continue with your posts because I have always enjoyed them since we also love camping and cooking outdoors!


    • Hello Pink, honey, thank you for this lovely comment!! I think to keep blogging for years, taking a break now and then may be neceesary. I’d love to make money from my blog too, but don’t know where to start! but it an awesome hobby, mostly because one makes such good cyber-friends 🙂

      Thank you for always reading…hugs!!!!


  5. Love the term submarine blogger 😉

    I have been blogging for about 8 years and I almost quit a few times, but I’m glad I didn’t.

    Blogging is a lot of work, but there are a lot of rewards.

    Please keep on blogging ♥


  6. Great to see you again. Love the “submarine blogger.” 😉 That pudding looks so delicious. That cook book you’re working on should go down a treat in South Africa. Hope you get it published one day. xxx


  7. Too funny Linda – submarine blogger. 😀
    So lovely to see a post from you again – I am thrilled to hear that we will be enjoying more posts from you!
    🙂 Mandy


  8. I think that whatever decision you make, it will be the right one for you. Will miss you though if you stop blogging all together 😦 You´ve achieved so much though during the time of blogging, so much to be proud of! Including this lovely recipe 🙂


    • Hello, Chica! Thank you for this encouraging comment. I’m in the process of working out what I want and need to continue with, as my plate has been overloaded lately – I think the blogging will survive! Thank you 🙂


  9. Ello townie! As I’ve been blogging (in one form or another) since 2007 I’ve defied the stats 🙂 What an easy pudding, I would never have thought of putting cake on the braai, nice one!


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