Ultimate Braaimaster Auditions

OH MY WORD – I’ve been selected!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I’m on the list for the KZN/Eastern Cape section of the auditions – I’ve got my list of instructions and all that’s left is to RSVP, people, by the 21st.

This is a competition MADE for me. Ultimate Braai Master, YES, I can do this (with the help of my trusty Braai-Master, and hubby, of course).

So I started filling in the entrance form – which was wonderfully fun and light-hearted.  Half-way through, I started doing the math, and realised that 52 days off work to go on tour with Justin Bonello (my cookery-hero) cooking up a storm on fires all over the country just wasn’t going to be possible for either my husband or for me.  My husband has his own engineering/production business with an exciting (and chef-worthy) product about to go to market internationally, and I work in the very busy finance department of a large high school. Six weeks would be diastrous for us both.  So I abandoned my entry. No photos submitted, questions left unanswered, the submit button never clicked.  I put it out of my mind.

One of the questions on the entry form was ‘what sort of food do you cook on the braai’ – my reply was ‘anything – from amarula malva pudding to pizzas on the fire to chocolate banana cake – I’ll tackle anything on the fire.  I am as happy, actually happier, when I am cooking over flames (not gas, people, never gas).

I think it may have been this comment on my entry form that resulted in the organisers emailing me to say that my entry-form had caught their attention anyway, and that I had made it to the auditions.  You can imagine the excitement – the planning – the recipes I went through.  I know exactly what I would cook – I know what I would pack, and how I would set up our camp kitchen on a patch of ground for the day. I know how I would present the food, and I think we would make it through to the next secret day’s events.

BUT – and there-in lies the rub, there-in squats the toad, BUT –  I am already committed to something I cannot wriggle out of on that weekend (trust me, I’ve been scheming). And if we were to make it through – there’s the problem of the six weeks traveling and cooking for the TV show. 

Stay tuned – I will let you know what we decide…….I’m still scheming  🙂

Meantime, if you’d like to check out some of the things I cook on a braai-fire, do please browse around this site!


29 responses to “Ultimate Braaimaster Auditions

  1. Hey…hope you ok!! what happened!!


  2. Fantastic well done!!


  3. This is great news, and you sound like a natural to win. 😉 What fantastic prizes! I hope you can make a plan. All the best to you. Hugs xx


  4. Congratulations and good luck!
    B.t.w I thonk the link should be.


  5. Wow — how exciting…do hope you manage to scheme to be there!


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  7. Oh dear, what a dilemma, however imagine what fun it would be to enter anyway without worrying about winning! You could go all out and have heaps of fun on that weekend anyway and it wouldn’t matter. unless of course you did win, then you would be in trouble!!! .. Though sometimes i think if there are more than three things against doing something.. then it is going, going, Gone. But it would have been fun. c


    • C, my imagination has been working over time on how much fun it would be! Even just the weekend would be great fun. I love your advice – and yes there are more than three things against doing this….sigh. Of course, the prize of R500000 and the new 4×4 vehicle are huge temptations too 😉


  8. well done regardless of what you choose!


  9. No, no, no – this can’t possibly be up for negotiation – YOU HAVE TO ENTER!!! HAVE TO – HAVE TO – HAVE TO!
    There you go, decision made, easy as that!
    🙂 Mandy


  10. Good luck! I hope you will be able to attend because it will be a pity if you can not!


  11. What a pity!! I hope you will be able to make changes and go through with this!


  12. Sharon (Shaz)

    Well done Linda!!!! What a great opportunity! I believe juggling work etc with this would be tricky – Good Luck!!!!


  13. What a dilemma! damn! 😦


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