Condensed Milk Oatie Bars

Leaving for work this morning just before 8 am, the temperature measured a wonderful 20˚C – summer is coming, people!!!!   It’s my favourite season, although I may complain a little, come January when the house reaches a steady 30˚C+ inside and outside is just wickedly hot and humid. At the moment, after a long cold winter, it just sounds like bliss!

Well, after sharing the recipes for Banana Oat Bars and Peanut and Raisin Squares with you, I promised to share the recipe for the last of my trio of oatie biscuits – Condensed Milk Oatie Bars – but somehow life contrived to get in the way again. I’m grabbing a few minutes now to share it with you – maybe you’ll have time to make a batch over the weekend.  I can really recommend them!

These bars make very good teatime snacks, or on-the-go breakfasts, and the good news is they didn’t damage my eating plan or impact on my weight-loss either, I think because they are high in fibre, oh, and they are very filling! 

The original recipe comes from CD Kitchen, but I changed it a lot, so here’s my recipe, and it’s one I will make often. 

Condensed Milk Oatie Bars

3 cups (750mls) quick-cooking oats

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp (5 mls) cinnamon

1/2 tsp (2.5 mls) salt

2 cups (500 mls) trail mix, roughly chopped – see my tips below

2 Tbsps (30 mls) coconut oil


  • Heat the oven to 180˚C (350˚F)
  • Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, making sure they a well blended
  • Spread onto a baking sheet and smooth out – I found it a good idea to compress the mixture a little
  • Bake for about 20 – 30 minutes, until the mixture is golden brown – don’t let the edges burn!
  • Cool slightly in the tin, but  cut into bars whilst still warm – once the mixture is cold it will be too hard to cut and you’ll have to break it into chunks
  • Store in an airtight container, they keep well, mine were still good after a week, and then they were finished
  • Enjoy!!



  • If the trail mix you use is salted, omit the salt from the recipe
  • I couldn’t find any trail mix when I was buying the ingredients, so I filled one cup measure with a mixture of coconut flakes, chopped almonds, seedless raisins, and chopped dates, and then I filled the next cup measure with a mix of chopped dried mango, apricots, pears and peaches.  It was delicious….
  • The coconut oil (melted coconut butter) can be exchanged for melted butter or oil. 
  • Coconut oil and coconut butter are the same thing – it is solid (butter) when the temperature is under 24˚C and liquid (oil) when over 24˚C.  I buy my coconut oil from a health shop, it is organically produced and comes from Moçambique.  It tastes wonderful, and is so good for one – I even use it as a moisturizer!
  • You can add pretty much anything that grabs your fancy – I think I’ll chuck in some dried cranberries next time, or dried figs, and cashew nuts or macadamias.  Chocolate chips could also be good, or maybe dipping one side in melted chocolate.


Okay, that’s it…….I’m going to have to make a batch again this weekend 🙂



14 responses to “Condensed Milk Oatie Bars

  1. Hi just discovered your web & it looks great. Was looking for a healthy granola bar recipe & came across your Condensed Milk Oatie Bars.
    I am going to try them for my grand children.


  2. I just made these – again!! Kids love them and its a great one for them to help with. I roasted peanuts,coconut and sesame seeds to mix in this time and I chopped up a berry fruit roll. So yummy! And each batch is different 🙂 (also thinking of adding a drizzle of yogurt icing??)


    • Thanks for the lovely comment! I also find that the batch is different each time I make them – I love your combination, roasting the nuts & seeds would be delicious! Excellent idea, the yoghurt icing….let me know how that comes out. Hugs to your adorable littlies 🙂


  3. This sounds delicious, Zabs!! I have never used or seen Coconut oil / butter! I will look out for it! Have a fab Sunday!


  4. Oh yum – I love condensed milk and oats so a perfect combination for me! Well done on sticking to the weight loss plan.


  5. These were so yummy and the kids loved them!! 🙂


  6. These are so popular in my home too, excellent additions to school lunch boxes!


  7. we must be living on different continents! It is cold and wet and still winter here 🙂 Have a super weekend xxx


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