Baked Egg and Bacon Cups

Recently I’ve discovered the delights of baking eggs.  This is such an easy and sort-of glamorous way of cooking eggs, and cleaning up afterwards is a breeze, too. 

What could be easier than putting a few tasty morsels in a little dish, breaking in an egg, putting on few more tasty goodies, then baking it for a few minutes? And they look impressive (compared to a scrambled egg)!

This version takes a little longer as the bacon bakes first, but it would even make a good lunch or light supper, served with a salad and some fresh crunchy bread. 

Baked Bacon and Egg Pots

To make one serving:

2 slices of back or shoulder bacon

1 egg

fresh or dried parsley

freshly ground salt & pepper

1 Tbsp cream

grated parmesan cheese

  • Heat your oven to 200*C
  • Grease the ramekins and line with the bacon, tucking it into a cup shape around the edges
  • Bake in the oven until cooked
  • Remove from the oven and break an egg into the bacon ‘cup’

  • Sprinkle with some parsley, grind over the seasonings and spoon the cream gently over the egg

  • Sprinkle the cheese over the cream
  • Bake in the oven for a few more minutes, until the yolks are cooked to your liking (I like a soft yolk, my family likes the yolk hard enough to bounce)
  • Remove from the oven and scoop each cup out of the ramekin onto a serving dish
  • Enjoy!

Do tell me what your favourite ‘fillings’ are for baked eggs?  🙂


8 responses to “Baked Egg and Bacon Cups

  1. If you have more friends than ramekins, you can use muffin trays as well. Thanks for the recipe, I’ve never put the cream in. So I’ll try it definitly!


  2. I have not done eggs like this for ages – I think I should do them again!


  3. Very grand – the sort of thing they serve you for breakfast in posh hotels and call it (I think) “en cocotte”! How about a few mushrooms too, it could almost be a full breakfast in a cup!


  4. Just like yours, yummy 🙂


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